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About LifeMusic

LifeMusic is the music production company founded by musician and composer Tim Abma. Tim is a composer who began his career by creating pop and Christian worship music. After some time, Tim also began creating film music. In 2018, Tim was challenged to write and compose in a new genre for the theatre production, Hoghetorn.  This experience was motivational for Tim, and inspired him to establish LifeMusic that same year.


Tim’s work on Hoghetorn was well-received, and led to even more requests for assistance on arrangements and additional compositions. Tim works with many different types of industry professionals — from singer/songwriters who need someone to compose or arrange their music, to filmmakers needing an arrangement for a score.


Tim has a passion for helping clients fully realize the potential of their project, and is always open to discuss how he can help you with yours.


Would you like to be supported by Tim with YOUR project?


Contact Tim today!