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Muziek op maat NL

LifeMusic Portfolio

Here you can find a few of LifeMusic's finished projects

Summer of Broken Things

For the first single of Bronte Lavendel, the goal was to capture her strong lyrics and love for music in one song.

Started with an empty demo, finished with a, though we say so ourselves, beautiful product.

You can listen to this song on all streaming services.

Lyrics & composition: Bronte Lavendel

Arrangement: Tim Abma (LifeMusic) & Pim Boender

Mixing: Tim Abma (LifeMusic)

Mastering: Jeffrey de Gans (Da Goose Mastering)

#YNG Escape Game

A project with a conscious goal:

Making the youth aware of the dangers of social media.

This escape game is an initiative from foundation You!ng and was designed to showing the younger people what happens on the internet these days, in an active and playful way.

The music is divided in 4 parts that overlap. After every part of the game, a new part of the music will be heard.

More info or interested in participating? Click here!

In association with: You!ng

Music: Tim Abma (LifeMusic)

Sound FX: Lars Stokdijk & Tim Abma (LifeMusic)

Mixing: Tim Abma (LifeMusic)


This music score was written by LifeMusic on own




Violinl: Stijn Donders

Music: Tim Abma

Soundscapes: Lars Stokdijk & Tim Abma

Mixing & Mastering: Tim Abma


A show based on the technical side of theater.  

No actors, no reserved seats, you simply walk through

and follow King Adolius and his soldiers, based on lights,

decor, sound effects, and music.


When Tim was asked to collaborate on this project, he

was immediately excited., and felt it was such a nice


After some time, Tim received an email with descriptions

of all the rooms: the atmosphere, the emotions, and what

was going to take place in each. For Tim, the challenge

was creating the right music for each room. Never before

had Tim done anything in this genre. In the end, Tim

completed the score, and the team was happy.



In association with: Theatergroep Vers Vlees

Music: Tim Abma

Soundscapes: Lars Stokdijk

Mixing & Mastering: Lars Stokdijk